Reader Activity Reports

We will turn your publication into an efficient marketing tool by linking the online version to Google Analytics.

That way, each time a viewer goes from page to page, or clicks on any of the embedded hyperlinks, a “page-view” statistic is captured.

These statistics are reported to you on an ongoing basis for the entire life of the publication and provides you with insight into their reading habits.

You will know what information has the most value to your readers based on what information is viewed the most often.

Metrics gathered include:

  • How many new visitors vs. return visitors you get
  • What pages the reader visits within the online guide
  • How long the reader spends on each page
  • What links they click while there
  • Where your readers live
  • How they got to your publication (e.g. which websites, social networks or search engines they used to navigate to your publication)
    ...and more.