In-House Advertising Sales

The revenue from advertising can reduce or even eliminate the cost of producing your publication, but selling advertising space can also generate a tremendous burden on staff.

Publishing By Avanti's dedicated in-house advertising staff is here to handle this time consuming task for you.

Identifying Prospective Advertisers
We will compile a database of current and potential advertisers from lists you send us and will supplement those lists as appropriate. We will contact only those businesses you approve.

Developing a Relationship With Advertisers
All contacts will be made by phone, fax or email during normal business hours — usually in late morning and afternoons to avoid “busy” times. We will NEVER bother, harass or hard sell any business. Our goal is to develop a long-term relationship with your advertisers.

We Offer Free Artwork Creation to Your Advertisers
We will provide basic ad copy design to your advertisers at no charge to you or them. This makes the process easier for them and ensures a quality publication for you. Each ad we design will be sent to the advertiser for their approval before it is placed into the publication.

We Keep Advertising Rates Low
We strive to keep advertising rates as low as possible so that businesses of all sizes can advertise — because the more options you can offer readers, the more engaged the reader will be.

We Do the Bookkeeping
We will invoice all advertisers and apply 100% of this revenue to production costs, thereby reducing — or even eliminating — any cost to you. Reports will be sent to you monthly to keep you up-to-date on the status of sales.