Welcome to Publishing By Avanti

Publishing By Avanti is committed to publishing high-quality, well-planned and executed custom visitor guides and chamber directories and we have almost 30 years of experience to prove it.

Here at Publishing By Avanti we think of ourselves as more than just a publishing company…much more! We consider ourselves partners with our clients and it is only through our client’s success that we can achieve our own success.

We offer the following PUBLISHING services:

  - Advertising sales - our in-house staff's goal is to generate enough revenue to cover the cost of production of your publication
  - Custom design of the publication (no templates are ever used)
  - Free custom artwork design for all advertisers
  - Full-color high quality printing with a variety of paper stocks and bindery options
  - Online multimedia eGuide - an online version of your publication complete with videos, slideshows, live hyperlinks to advertiser's websites, animated graphics, etc.
  - Reader activity reports tell you what information the readers are looking at while viewing your publication online

We also offer the following SUPPORT services on an ala-carte basis:

  - Reader Information Request Service - Give your readers the ability to request additional information from you and your advertisers
  - Mailing Services - First class or bulk, once a year, once a week or anywhere in-between
  - Reader Surveys - Ensure your publication is fulfilling the needs of your readers
  - Support Materials - Let us create specialty maps of the area as well as brochures promoting specific activities that work in conjunction with your visitor guide

Our goal with these services is to develop a coordinated marketing effect that:

  • Informs readers about your destination and encourages them to visit;
  • Generates revenue to help cover the production costs; and
  • Gathers reader information (interests, demographics, etc.) to help you define your future marketing efforts.
  • Encourages readers to help promote your destination with social media chatter
  • Turn readers into visitors!